See it, be it, believe it!

Venus Vet

Venus Vet

Venus Vet loves animals – even the slimy and scaly kind! Those with big teeth? Just misunderstood! The ones that hiss – it’s just how they say hello!

Venus loves all animals, and she really likes to help them. She will mend and cuddle and speak soft words to settle them. Her favourite thing to do is give little wet noses boops and watch their tails wag!

Venus spends most of her time at her vet clinic looking after all types of creatures.

When she’s not at the clinic she often spies animals following her around because they love her. She is gentle and kind and funny, just like the animals she mends.

Sometimes she visits her grandma to drink sweet tea. Squirrels, birds, frogs, and all sorts will wait out the front for her.

Then, she’s off to the park to lay under a shady tree to listen to the birds singing sweetly.

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