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Launch time! Meet Venus & Felicity

Launch time! Meet Venus & Felicity

Venus Vet loves to help animals. She mends, cuddles, and boops little wet noses until they’re all better. Venus loves being a vet because animals make her happy. She likes that they make people laugh, just like she does with her friends!

Venus goes to the park after a big day of caring for animals to listen to the birds. She usually spots her friend Felicity Fire Fighter there.

Felicity is the local firefighter. She fights fires and rescues people and animals when they need help.

Felicity loves her collection of tools because they help her solve problems. When it’s time to pack up she heads to the park.

Felicity likes the park because there are big, beautiful trees to climb and it’s such an adventure!

She often hangs in the tree above Venus who seems to attract all the park animals.

Venus and Felicity are the first to be released in the See Me Be collection.

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