See it, be it, believe it!

Meet Our Dolls

Felicity Firefighter

Felicity is strong, brave, and adventurous! She loves to solve problems and find the right tools to fight fires and rescue people and animals. Give her a high-five instead of a hug.

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Venus Vet

Venus is a joker, she has a playful soul. She likes people but loves animals, she is friendly so much so that she finds animals often follow her wherever she goes.

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Aria Astronaught

Aria’s imagination has no limits! She is curious about faraway places and loves how science can answer so many questions.

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Gloria Gardener

Gloria loves to help plants grow! Her hands are always dirty from digging in the garden and pulling weeds and planting seeds.

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Rosie Racer

Rosie is always lifting the people around her and shares her confidence with others. She thinks she is great, so you are too! She tells her friends to go for it and try new and hard things.

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Pippa Police Officer

Pippa is thoughtful, calm, and diligent. She follows the rules and thinks things through. She is police and likes to help people cross the road safely.

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