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One Mum’s Dream Dares to be Different

One Mum’s Dream Dares to be Different

See Me Be is a Brisbane mum’s dream for kids everywhere. A collection of dolls that show you can do and be whatever you dream. See Me Be is your child’s hero. There’s Venus, Felicity, Gloria, Rosie, Aria, and Pippa. Venus and Felicity are the first to say hello, while the rest of the gang will join them later this year.

See Me Be is the result of a mum’s frustration at hours spent in toy stores walking out empty handed, disappointed or both. Founder Jana Black noticed the blue vs pink divide between what is considered boys toys and girls toys and it was enough to spark a fire that led to the creation of See Me Be.

“I had just finished Christmas shopping and couldn’t get over the disappointment of how limited the range is for girls. While department stores are full to the brim with toys, they’re all a variation of the same thing – looking pretty or thinking about being pretty”.

“My two daughters are so much more than their wrapper. What’s on the inside is a smorgasbord of flavours, and colours – intelligence, creativity, tenacity, and attitude,” Jana said.

“It’s my dream for them to realise their potential and more. To learn and strive and challenge themselves. Boys are encouraged to be adventurous and brave, as they should be. We can appreciate boys’ and girls’ differences while equally encouraging girls to dream big – so big it almost feels out of reach,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to strive for what we can’t see. Women are achieving so much now, but girls’ toys aren’t reflecting this.

“The final straw was when I spotted a magic sink in the girls’ toy isle of a major department store. Why? When we have so many women doing incredible things are girls playing with sinks?

“This isn’t about reducing the work (mostly) women do at home; I chose to spend years out of the workforce to be with my children and I acknowledge the privilege that comes with that. But we are more than that.

“We are more than mothers, daughters, and sisters. We are inventors, creators, problem-solvers, and artists.

Now is the time to show our girls all the amazing things they can do and be. Most importantly, they can reach beyond the stars and grab their dreams,” Jana said.

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