See it, be it, believe it!

The Beginning

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“A MAGIC SINK!” I yelled. Everyone in the department store turned, surely thinking, “Who is this crazy woman?”.

Not crazy, just enraged and tired of the overtly sexist divide of the blue vs pink isles of every toy store. Having just battled crushing, cranky crowds, loud Christmas carols, and the shiny lights of the mall, I had had enough in more ways than one.

Now I was shopping for my three-year-old niece. She had a love for a particularly well-known character, that I also loved when I was a little girl. In front of me, stacked shelf upon shelf in the toy aisle of a department store, was a magic sink.

You, too, little girl, can wash dishes just like your Mum! And that’s when I unintendedly released the shriek.

How disheartening for girls everywhere. I happened to be on the phone to my own mum, who had not only worked full time when I was little but also ran our home like the Air Force squadron she had previously been employed.

While we exchanged frustrations at the difference between so-called boys’ and girls’ toys (not to mention the unnecessary difference in the length of their shorts!), the conversation soon changed back to Christmas plans.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

The disappointment for my girls and my niece wouldn’t lift. Later that night, I told my husband about what I’d seen at the store and how frustrated I had been.

Being the fixer he is, he simply said, “What are you going to do about it?”. While he copped a lecture about the heavy lifting women are constantly expected to do, annoyingly, he had a point.

What could I do for my girls?

Weeks passed until one night, lightning struck – dolls! And there it was – dolls to go on adventures, to love and play with, to see themselves in, and dream! To dream big!

It’s taken two years to nurture See Me Be to this point. I am so proud of this brand and what it stands for, for girls and boys.

I dream for every girl to see what they can do and be – the many things they can achieve because they are not just one thing. They are a brilliant web of creativity and intellect, all tied up in a tenacious bow. With glitter on top.

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