See it, be it, believe it!

Felicity Fire Fighter

Felicity Fire Fighter

Felicity is strong, brave, and adventurous! She’s always on the go, and ready to help! She does this by opening her treasure chest of tools. Felicity loves her tools because she can build and fix anything she puts her mind to.

Felicity is happy when she is fixing and building and she’s so excited to show her friends what she’s made. She’s not much into cuddling so they give her high-fives.

When Felicity is done rescuing and fixing, she goes to the park to climb trees. Her favourite is a large tree with long thick branches. In Spring the tree turns purple with flowers. Each part of the tree looks different and interesting, much like her tools.

Felicity likes Venus’s company because she is funny, and it makes her smile. She also likes the birds that sing for Venus in the afternoon.

In summer, Felicity often has a refreshing orange in the shade of her favourite tree.

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